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World Wide Nondestructive Testing is a nondestructive and inspection company.  We provide inspection services to the natural gas pipeline, manufacturing, and construction industries, in both the laboratory and field environments to ensure safety and structural integrity of our customer’s products and projects.

WWNDT provides highly trained and experienced technicians that are committed to ensuring that you receive world class services from start to finish.  These technicians are trained and certified in accordance with ASNT, and are OQ qualified in NDT in accordance with ASME B31Q.

WWNDT is focused on not only just providing NDT services, but a relationship with our customers to provide a world class NDT service you can depend on. By providing a combination of superior NDT services, with the newest X-Ray technologies, and equipment.




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Introducing the newest technology for inspection of Polyethylene (PE) pipe and fittings with the use of X-Ray.  After a few years of R&D, World Wide NDT has the leading edge in third party inspections. This technology will put QC checks and balances in place for fusion technicians to make sure the operators of a Natural Gas system have a safe and reliable product being placed into service.  Just like the inspection of steel pipelines, with the use of X-Ray your product can be checked and verified before gas is introduced into the system. Even at a small percentage being X-Rayed for each project you design, you will ensure that the process is being done for a gas tight fusion that was completed correctly with a view from inside.  Let World Wide Nondestructive Testing (WWNDT) show you how and what PE X-Ray can do for your systems and your record keeping. Please feel free to contact us for more examples, questions, demonstrations, etc. We would like to hear from you and work with your construction professionals as well. Bring your construction testing methods into the 21st century.

On behalf of Worldwide Nondestructive Testing, I would like to thank you for your participation in the AGA 2020 Virtual Operations Conference presentation. It was a shame that due to COVID-19, we could not meet and discuss, in person, how our company can help you move into a safer and more technologically advanced future of PE X-Ray technology.


Because there were several tracks/sessions happening at the same time, you may not have had the chance to learn about how our company, Worldwide Nondestructive Testing, can help you save both time and money by utilizing our PE X-Ray inspection services. We provide inspection services to the natural gas pipeline, manufacturing and construction industries and can do so in both laboratory and field environments. Our presentation was under Track 3 – Piping Materials/Quality Management and I was speaking on our ability to inspect PE fusions with radiography for QC/QA. 


At Worldwide Nondestructive Testing, we utilize the newest x-ray technology for inspection of Polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings, and our technicians are highly trained and certified in accordance with ASNT and are also QC qualified in NDT in accordance with ASME B31Q. As I mentioned in the presentation, this technology allows your company to put checks and balances in place for fusion technicians and operators of natural gas, and to ensure you have a safe and reliable product. Our services offer record retention for the life of the pipeline and your results will be stored on the cloud unlike traditional film. In case of any A.O.C. issues or a Public Service Commission audit, these results can be retrieved and presented at any time 24/7 from your iPhone, iPad, or laptop. Your results will be indefinitely and safely stored from storms, fading and ghosted films that have been misplaced or lost and can be shared from jobsite to customer in real time.


Results are clear and precise in a 16-bit logarithmic format which produces 65,536 shades of gray providing the most enhanced contrast and highest quality imaging. We provide infinite wavelength with more defined images than regular x-rays that allow you to view flaws, discontinuities, stab-depth, blow-outs and voids on an accurate scale. We provide easy set-up for field applications including adjustable angles and supports for camera mounts and impact on production crews in minimal due to our small m/R boundaries.


Please take a few moments to watch our presentation and learn to how Worldwide Nondestructive Testing can help you keep your customers safe.


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